Artists United for Amazonia: a special global premiere event for the Amazon Emergency Fund

26 Jun, 2020 | Press Releases

Ahead of the United Nations’ International Day of The Tropics we are coming together to celebrate the Amazon’s best protectors: #IndigenousPeoples.

JOIN US TODAY June 26th, at 7pm (Brussels time) for Artists United for Amazonia: Protecting the Protectors, a special global premiere event for the Amazon Emergency Fund.

Indigenous leaders like Gregorio Mirabal, Lizardo Cauper, Benki Piyako, and Angela Kaxuyana are uniting with leaders in entertainment, such as Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Morgan Freeman, and Ricky Martin to protect the protectors!

You can find our full lineup of over 70 participants at:

Donate at, funds through fiscal sponsor Rainforest Foundation.

In solidarity with Amazon Forest Guardians including indigenous peoples’ organizations, federations and nationalities and traditional communities across the 9 countries of the Amazon Basin, resources are being mobilized to support Rapid Response Grants for:


  • Emergency Communications and Evacuation
  • Food and Medical Supplies
  • Urgent and Immediate COVID-19 Prevention and Care
  • Protection and Security for Forest Guardians
  • Food Sovereignty and Community Resilience