Carla Fendi – A part of No Peace Without Justice´s recent history sadly comes to an end

20 Jun, 2017 | Press Releases

Rome, 20 June 2017


It is with great sadness that No Peace Without Justice learns about the decease of Carla Fendi, who died yesterday evening in Rome.

This morning, the media recalled her dedication in building up the brand Fendi which has become a symbol of pride for the label “made in Italy” all over the world. We would like to remember Carla Fendi for another commitment less well-known but of inestimable importance for her civic value, adding to the portrayal of an extraordinary woman´s personality.

Together with Anna Fendi, Carla was the patroness of our campaign against female genital mutilation. Since 2004 when Emma Bonino told her about our work on FGM for the first time, Carla never missed out on opportunities to show her support and generous commitment in facilitating numerous fundraising and outreach events. She was so convinced and committed that despite health problems she would have loved to attend our high-level conference in Rome where anti-FGM activists, ministers, first ladies and parliamentarians of various African country where FGM is still prevalent and practiced, came together.

Carla´s support in the struggles of No Peace Without Justice was priceless, this is why we would like to say that the loss caused by her death to some extent is also ours. In this spirit, may our gratitude, friendship and sympathy reach family members and loved ones.