Iraq: No Peace Without Justice and International Alliance for Justice organise a conference on “The status of armed forces and groups in Iraq”

7 Nov, 2008 | NPWJ in the News, Press Releases

No Peace Without Justice and the International Alliance for Justice (IAJ) are organising a Conference on “The status of Armed Forces and Groups in Iraq”, to be held in Dokan (Kurdistan region, Iraq) from 9 to 10 November 2008.

The conference is part of the series of events organized by NPWJ and IAJ with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where senior Iraqi policy-makers discuss the allocation of competences between federal, regional and provincial administrations, in order to promote an open space of dialogue which benefits from the experiences of other federal countries and post-conflict and post-authoritarian transitions.

The objective of the Conference is to facilitate an in-depth debate between major Iraqi political actors on options and conditions for the demobilisation of militias and private armies and/or their absorption or integration in a composite Iraqi Army, including the Regional Corps, as a pluralistic and inclusive force, loyal to the Iraqi Federal Constitution and respectful of the diversity of citizens with different backgrounds.
The division of armed groups along political lines and the militarisation of society presents a real challenge to the political stability and security of Iraq, and even when various armed groups may have already integrated -or partially integrated- they may retain previous loyalties, which may re-emerge in time of conflict or dispute. Therefore the conference will examine the most current status of political debate and the current deployments of security sector forces on the ground and will include topic such as the role of armed forces in the federal and regional administrations, taking into account also the relevant international experiences in these fields.

Participants will include Deputy Speakers and Members of both the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Kurdistan National Assembly, political leaders and representatives of Iraq’s national and regional institutions, taking into account the broadest possible political, geographical and community representation. Senior non-Iraqi experts will bring into the debate their respective experiences on integration and reform of separate military forces and present possible choices and options from other demobilisation and military mergers.

Draft Program of the Conference

Presentation of the Conference

For more information, please contact Lorenzo Vicario, Coordinator of the Iraq Projet, email: – phone:+32 2 548 39 10, or Nicola Giovannini, Press Officer, – phone: +32 486 78 31 93