Libya: NPWJ and Ministry of Justice work together to foster a culture of accountability

28 Feb, 2013 | Press Releases

Third cycle of training in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, High Judiciary Institute, Tripoli, 28 February 2013


In collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and the High Judiciary Institute, No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) held a five-day training on Transitional Justice, Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law in Tripoli, Libya, from 24 to 28 February. Around 20 Libyan judges and prosecutors participated in the course given by civilian and military experts on their field.

Among the trainers, Prof. Jeremy Sarkin, from South Africa, focused his interventions on Human Rights Law, transitional justice process and the issue of disappeared persons, while Prof. Chepas Lumina, from Zambia, covered International Humanitarian Law and civilian-military courts. Moreover, General Salvatore Carrara, from Italy, also contributed to the training as a military expert with field experience in Somalia, Iraq, Kosovo and Haiti.

At the side of the training, NPWJ organized on 26 and 27 February two side events that involved Libyan lawyers and academics and civil society representatives. 15 lawyers came together at NPWJ premises to discuss about international criminal prosecutions and political isolation law, while the Libyan civil society organizations were more interested in learning from past transitional justice experiences, namely of South Africa and Iraq among others.

For further information on the activities of NPWJ in Libya please contact Stefano Moschini, Libya Program Coordinator, at or +281917450375; or Halla Al Mansouri,  and Legal Program Officer at or +281919955359