Mauritania: NPWJ calls for the immediate release of peaceful opposition supporters arbitrarily arrested

11 Jul, 2024 | Press Releases

Brussels-Rome, 11 July 2024

Following the results of 29 June presidential election in Mauritania, No Peace Without Justice expresses its deepest concerns about the ongoing violent and deadly crackdowns targeting those who dared vote in opposition to the old order which will now remain in power.

According to local activists, 1500 supporters of anti-slavery campaigner and presidential candidate Biram Abeid protesting what they claimed were fraudulent results were arbitrarily detained by security forces.

We urge the Mauritanian authorities to immediately put an end to the undue restrictions to the exercise of the rights to freedom of expression and association to those peacefully dissenting, ensure the immediate release of activists arbitrarily arrested and take all measures required to investigate the alleged human rights violations committed and hold those responsible for it to account.

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Side event on “Accountability for human rights violations against anti-slavery activists and human rights defenders”,  Geneva, UN Human Rights Council, 55th Session, Palais des Nations, 29 February 2024

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