Libya: NPWJ Raises Awareness about Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Sirte

17 May, 2013 | Press Releases

Sirte, Libya, 17 May 2013

No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) contributed to a half-day event aimed at raising awareness about transitional justice in Sirte, Libya on 16 May 2013. NPWJ was invited to take part by Mohamed Al-Areshiya, a well-known intellectual figure, founder of the civil society organisation ‘Aswat min Sirte’ (Voices from Sirte) and one of Sirte’s elected representative of Libya’s legislative body, the General National Congress (GNC). Participants to the event included members of local CSOs, students, university staff and members of the local judiciary.

Stefano Moschini, NPWJ’s Libya Program Coordinator, delivered a detailed presentation on transitional justice and facilitated a discussion on reconciliation within Libya. The presentation provided a general overview of the concept of transitional justice, illustrated with case studies from other countries, and examined the role civil society organisations (CSOs) can play in Libya’s transitional period. This was followed by a facilitated discussion which focused on the Libyan conflict and the potential role of transitional justice mechanisms in achieving reconciliation and peace within Sirte, as well as within the country in general.

In the morning, a separate meeting took place which focused on the role of the youth in Sirte’s future. As highlighted in previous events organized by NPWJ, Libya’s youth played a central part in their country’s successful revolution and consistent measures should be taken to ensure their involvement in the ongoing transition process to anchor Libya’s future on democracy, rule of law and respect of fundamental human rights.

Sirte is the birthplace of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and has long been viewed as a stronghold of his supporters. Sirte is also the place where Gaddafi was killed by rebel forces during the revolution and since then the city has largely been neglected by the central government. Many Sirte residents do not support the new authorities therefore raising awareness about transitional justice and reconciliation in Sirte is crucial for overall peace and stability in Libya.

NPWJ in Libya
NPWJ has been working on the Libyan transition since early 2011, in the framework of its project to support Libya’s democratic transition through justice and accountability. As the country embarks on legislative reforms, the Libyan authorities can break with the legacy of impunity and abuses that typified Gaddafi’s rule with a new respect for the rule of law and a commitment to restoring justice and dignity to victims. Doing so requires not only the investigation and prosecution of the crimes and violence perpetrated during the revolution, but also efforts to confront a history of oppression and human rights abuses that dates back decades under the rule of the former regime.

For further information on the activities of NPWJ in Libya please contact Stefano Moschini, Libya Program Coordinator, at or +218917450375.