NPWJ and Handy Cup welcome the ‘5+5 Dialogue’ Declaration promoting the rights of people with disability

6 Oct, 2012 | Press Releases

Brussels – Malta, 6 October 2012

In the framework of the Cooperation Process in the Western Mediterranean, commonly known as “Dialogue 5+5“, held in Malta on 5-6 October, Heads of State and Governments of the ten countries taking part in the meeting signed a Final Declaration citing “HandyCup” as “one fertile network in which knowledge, exchange of experience and common objectives for a better quality of life in peace among disabled youth can flourish across the region”. In addition to that, they committed themselves to “encourage the construction of a regional network of civil society representatives” (…) aiming “at increasing public awareness and promoting a multicultural dialogue among disabled and socially disadvantaged youth through active citizenship, self-determination and equal rights”.

The “Dialogue 5+5” was launched during the first ministerial meeting held in Rome on 10 October 1990 and involves the five Maghreb countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Libya) and five European countries (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Malta).

Statement by Niccolò Figà-Talamanca, Secretary General of No Peace Without justice, and Mauro Pandimiglio, President of Handy Cup:

“No Peace Without Justice, and Handy Cup applaud the ‘5+5 Dialogue Declaration’ and its explicit support to the initiatives promoting multicultural dialogue among disabled and socially disadvantaged youth people across the Mediterranean area.

“Last year the “Handy Cup 2011 Partnership Building and Networking Conference” held in Malta from 9 to 11 September 2011, bringing together more than thirty delegations from fourteen Mediterranean and Gulf countries. This event represented an important platform to highlight that active citizenship, self-determination and equal rights are the fundamental basis to build an equal and real participation of people with disabilities within social and political life.

“The time has come for States and Governments to take responsibility and give heed to the voices of the several organisations and individual advocates all across the Mediterranean sea that fight a daily battle to challenge disability and to promote spaces and occasions for people with disabilities to share policies and to increase their capacity for self advocacy and freedom of expression through awareness campaigns, policies and public spaces of participation.

“We look forward to see further concrete initiatives across the Mediterranean shores, strengthening political self-advocacy of people with disability through cross border solidarity, international cooperation, and participatory democratic mechanisms, facilitating interaction between government and non government actors to promote national strategic policies and plans in respect of people with disabilities.”

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