NPWJ convenes Law Student’s Colloquium Series on Transitional Justice in Tripoli

17 Oct, 2012 | Press Releases

Tripoli, Libya, 17 October 2012


This month in Libya, No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) has begun a new series of colloquia for law students. The first colloquium, held on 17 October 2012, focused the discussion on ‘What is Transitional Justice?’, with participants from the Law Faculty of Tripoli University. They are the future lawyers, judges and prosecutors of Libya, with their own unique and unheard voice. During this session, the participants discussed their personal and professional view of Transitional Justice, their aspirations, hopes and dreams for their country, and their role in the legal community.

After years when student associations and unions were banned, this colloquium opens a new chapter for young Libyans. The goals of the student’s colloquia are to give law students the opportunity to start their own associations and unions, to improve their legal skills through discussions with other students and speakers and to raise awareness and increase knowledge on international criminal justice issues in Libya and on the international level.

A period of vast human rights violations has occurred because of an enshrined culture of impunity, which is still visible to many Libyans in the country and internationally. During this time of transition, it is important to establish a conception of justice for past and present crimes committed by different groups.

NPWJ focuses on the legal community and civil society during the transitional period while supporting democracy through justice and accountability, and promoting human rights. In September 2012, NPWJ opened the first colloquium for the Libyan legal community, which was held in the NPWJ office in Tripoli. This colloquium was the first in a series specifically designed for Libyan legal actors in Tripoli. Colloquia will also be held in other cities for lawyers, judges, prosecutors and law students, focusing on legal topics concerning the Libyan people in order to enhance the transitional justice process. NPWJ has also held a series of meetings and workshops with civil society and government in Benghazi, Misurata and Tripoli to generate discussion on the needs and perceptions within Libya about its transitional justice process and to develop ways to reach out to victims and the broader community on these issues.

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For further information on the colloquium and activities please contact:
Libya Program Coordinator Stefano Moschini email: Tel: +218 917450375 and Legal Program Officer Halla Al Mansouri email: Tel: +218919955359