NPWJ Secretary General meets with the Tunisian Minister of Human Rights and Transitional Justice

12 Dec, 2012 | Press Releases

Tunis, 12 December 2012


Today, Niccolo’ Figà-Talamanca, Secretary General of No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ), met in Tunis with HE Samir Dilou, Tunisian Minister of Human Rights and Transitional Justice. The Ministry established a National Commission for the Dialogue on Transitional Justice that conducted the national dialogue and recently prepared and presented to the Government the draft legislation on this topic. HE Samir Dilou took this opportunity to congratulate with NPWJ and its Tunisian partners for the work carried out in the framework of the Transitional Justice Academy and the support dedicated throughout the drafting process.

Statement by Niccolò Figà-Talamanca, Secretary General of No Peace Without Justice:
“No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) and the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty (NRPTT) welcome the conclusion of the national dialogue on transitional justice and the presentation of the draft legislation to the Government. NPWJ and our Tunisian partner Al-Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center have contributed to them through the Transitional Justice Academy, which together with other four Tunisian NGOs working on transitional justice is a member of the National Commission that conducted the national dialogue and drafted the legislation. In 2007 already, Minister Dilou, as an activist, at the time, in the nonviolent opposition to the regime of President Ben Ali, had participated in a series of meetings on democratic and nonviolent transition and transitional justice organized by No Peace Without Justice, KADEM and other partners, which led to the creation of the “Arab Regional Working Group on Transitional justice.”

“We congratulate the Minister of Human Rights and Transitional Justice on the steps it has taken to create a participatory approach to transitional justice and call on the Tunisian Government to ensure it will be translated into concrete measures. Currently, the Cabinet of Ministries is studying the draft legislation before presenting it to the National Constituent Assembly and we urge them to continue consulting through an open and transparent process with all relevant stakeholders, including victims and affected communities and civil society.

“Transitional justice cannot be used for political gains but it must be a concerted effort of all political parties and segments of society. Tunisians deserve a mechanism that truly responds to their accountability needs and provides redress to victims to achieve a new, open and democratic society where the rule of law is respected.”

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