Training sessions for Italian legal practitioners

13 Jul, 2022 | Press Releases


NPWJ is currently involved in four specialised training sessions for Italian legal practitioners, organised by the Associazione Nazionale Forense – ANF (National Forensic Association) and funded by Cassa Forense.

In the first two sessions on July 6 and 8, Michelle Reyes Milk, Juan José Guzmán and Camilla Taddei, experts from the Amazonia program, have presented and discussed with trainees issues linked to the Right to a Safe and Healthy Environment (R2HE); the rights of nature; indigenous peoples’ rights; and the latest international developments on the notion of Ecocide, with a focus on Amazonia. Case studies from the Inter-American Human Rights system have been discussed and a specific focus on the latest developments of the Chilean constitution with regards to the environment and human rights has been provided.

This week, on July 13 and 15, Giulia Schiavoni and Francesca Basso from the Gender and Human Rights Program are going to hold two training sessions on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) through a gender-sensitive, rights-based approach, discussing the nature of the practice, the international and Italian legal framework and the implications for asylum/international protection related to FGM. 

The trainings are a great opportunity to critically discuss the role of law in establishing and consolidating social change, as well as the way in which human rights develop and expand as a consequence of the new challenges we face as a global society.