NPWJ welcomes the release of the Report by the National Fact-Finding Commission on Abuses in Tunisia

11 May, 2012 | Press Releases

Tunis – Brussels, 11 May 2012

On Friday 4 May 2012, the National Fact-Finding Commission on Abuses Committed during Recent Events (the Commission) released publicly its final report (the Report) during a press conference in Tunis, Tunisia. The Commission was formally established on 18 February 2011 by the then interim Tunisian President, Fouad Mebazaa through decree no. 8 of 2011.

Statement by Alison Smith, Legal Counsel of No Peace Without Justice:

“No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) and the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty (NRPTT) welcome the release of the Report of the Commission as an important step forward in ensuring accountability for the victims of the revolution in Tunisia. The work conducted by the Commission and the over 1000 pages Report will constitute an important starting point for any transitional justice mechanism that will eventually be established in the country.

“The Commission is a public and independent body, which was charged with establishing the truth on the abuses and violations committed from 17 December 2010. It conducted investigations throughout the various regions of Tunisia and heard from victims and their families their stories. The Commission is a component of transitional justice as it contributes to uncover the truth of what happened during the revolution and its Report contains important recommendations, including on legal and institutional reform and transitional justice.

“We call on the Tunisian Government to implement these recommendations and to uphold the rights of all Tunisian victims from the former regime ensuring a comprehensive transitional justice process is established. Only ensuring accountability for past violations, Tunisia can hope to build a new, open and democratic society where the rule of law is respected and citizens trust State’s institutions”.

For further information, please contact Greta Barbone on  or +216 28385079 and Nicola Giovannini on or +32 2 548-39 15.

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