Record deforestation in Amazonia: action needed!

18 May, 2022 | Press Releases

According to the monthly DETER-B data series of the National Space Rersearch institute (INPE), in the month of April deforestation in the Amazon of Brazil reached a new peak. 

This sad record is another warning signal for the harm that has already been done to the environment and keeps happening every day.

April is already the third monthly record in 2022, after new peaks were already observed in January and February of this year.

Furthermore, it is especially striking since April is in the rainy season and the mud makes it harder for loggers to access the forest.

In comparison, the first four months of 2022 had an increased destruction of 69% compared to the same interval last year. The deforestation area of this period is around 1,954 square km (754 square miles), which equals more than double the size of New York City.  

Once more, No Peace Without Justice calls for accountability for these actions. 

The preservation of the Amazon rainforest is essential both for indigenous peoples and the climate of the planet. 

Help spreading the word and raising awareness for this important issue. 

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