Solomon Berewa: Sierra Leone’s Lawyer

7 Mar, 2020 | Press Releases

Brussels, 7 March 2020, Photo: NPWJ Copyright

No Peace Without Justice mourns the passing of The Hon. Solomon Ekuma Dominic Berewa, Sierra Leone’s former Vice President and Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, who died last Thursday in Freetown at the age of 81.

We had the privilege of working closely with The Hon Berewa and his excellent legal team at the Ministry of Justice during the negotiations for, and initial operations of, the Special Court for Sierra Leone. His abiding commitment to the rule of law and his brilliant legal mind were an inspiration to us and were instrumental in the creation of a court designed to serve the people of Sierra Leone and to contribute to strengthening the foundations of peace in his beloved country. The Special Court would have been a very different institution without his engagement and determination that it should be a positive force for the rule of law in Sierra Leone and beyond.

We join others in Sierra Leone and elsewhere raising their voices in tribute to this great man, whose imprint will be felt for years to come. As others, we will continue to strive to follow his example of steadfast commitment to principle and to the law. We extend our deepest condolences to his family, to those who loved and respected him and to Sierra Leone.