No Peace Without Justice attends second Forum for the Future Ministerial meeting

Bahrain, 11-12 November 2005

The Italian radical MEP, Emma Bonino, together with a delegation of the international non profit organization No Peace Without Justice took part in the second Ministerial meeting of the Forum for the Future, held in Bahrain on 11-12 November 2005. The Forum for the Future is the annual meeting of the Foreign Affairs Ministers from G8 and broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) countries whose aim is to examine the state of play of the reforms in the region.
For the first time, non-governmental representatives among which No Peace Without Justice took the floor at the Ministerial meeting to illustrate the initiatives undertaken until now in the framework of the Democracy Assistance Dialogue Program, presented at the first Forum for the Future held in Rabat in December 2004 and designed to foster productive dialogue between civil society and governments of the BMENA region, integrating participation of non- governmental actors, political leaders, media representatives and civil society experts and developing specific reform initiatives on issues relating to political reform, democracy and human rights.
No Peace Without Justice, together with the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV, Turkey) and the Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC, Yemen), is in charge of implementing the DAD program that is co-sponsored by the governments of Italy, Turkey and Yemen.
In the framework of the DAD consultation process, several meetings were held this year, among which the International Colloquium on “Political and Electoral Processe”s in Rabat on 1-3 October, where government delegation and civil society of BMENA countries jointly adopted, for the first time, an ambitious outcome document.
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