19 October 2022 – International Criminal Justice

19 Oct, 2022 | News Digests

Defendants Take the Stand First at Conakry Trial

Justice Info, 17 Oct 2022

In Guinea, the floor was given first to the defendants in the trial of the September 28 massacre. At the start of hearings on the substance, the first role went to Moussa Tiégboro Camara and the second to Marcel Guilavogui, respectively minister and bodyguard of the junta leader at the time of the events. 

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Ukraine completes exhumation of soldiers at Lyman mass grave

Reuters, 14 Oct 2022

Ukrainian investigators have completed the exhumation of soldiers in one of two mass graves discovered after Russian troops retreated from the town of Lyman in eastern Donetsk region, police said on Friday. 

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Chad’s President Promises to Compensate Habré Victims

Justice Info, 14 Oct 2022

A glimmer of hope for the victims of former president Hissène Habré is being rekindled by the transition in Chad, where Idriss Déby Junior was reappointed president on October 10. Seeking to do what his father failed to do, Déby has already pledged more than 15 million euros in reparations. 

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ICC terminates proceedings against Paul Gicheru

ICC News, 14 Oct 2022

Today, 14 October 2022, Trial Chamber III of the International Criminal Court (ICC) terminated proceedings against former Kenyan lawyer Paul Gicheru following the confirmation of his passing. According to the ICC legal framework, the Court’s jurisdiction cannot be exercised over a deceased person. 

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Video Shows Azerbaijan Forces Executing Armenian POWs

Human Rights Watch, 14 Oct 2022

The execution of Armenian prisoners of war (POWs), apparently by Azerbaijani forces during fighting between the countries in September 2022 is a war crime for which there needs to be accountability, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch analysed a video posted on social media in early October showing the extrajudicial execution of at least seven Armenian POWs, apparently by Azerbaijani forces. 

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Myanmar court extends Aung San Suu Kyi’s prison sentence to 26 years

CNN, 12 Oct 2022

A court in military-run Myanmar has sentenced Aung San Suu Kyi, the country’s deposed former leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner, to three additional years in jail for corruption, a source familiar with the case told CNN, extending her total prison term to 26 years. 

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